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Your Crappy Stat Of The Week

Added on by Tom Webster.

This headline (from Forbes!!!) makes my eyeballs bleed: Heavy Facebook Users Prone to Drug Use, Study Says. According to the article, "Teens who report using social media are five times likelier to use tobacco, three times likelier to drink alcohol and twice as likely to try marijuana, according Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse’s survey." The article goes on to state that "70 percent of those who said they engaged in these risky behaviors also reported using social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and MySpace daily, while the remaining 30 percent did not." I'm not even going to go in to my usual "correlation does not equal causation" spiel here. Too easy. Instead, I offer this helpful and easily corroborated stat: if you look at our data (from Edison's The Social Habit) or data from other credible sources, such as The Pew Internet And American Life series, you'll note that over three quarters of teens - and well over 80% of online teens - are using social networks.

Which, if this study is even remotely correct (or being reported correctly) means that 4 out of 5 teens are drunken, whacked out meth-heads. Facebook is the DEVIL!

And THAT'S…The More You Know.