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Why I am Bullish on Twitter

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My Marketing Companion co-host Mark Schaefer and I had a great conversation a few weeks back about the (then) impending Twitter IPO, and how we were both optimistic about the company's future. Twitter has certainly meant a lot for both of us, profesionally and personally. After all, I first met my wife on Twitter, along with Mark and so many other wonderful humans, so it would be hard for me to be bearish on a communications tool that has actually changed my life.


But in one, simple story, here is why I think Twitter is poised to be successful for many years to come--this piece in the Economist about the August record for "largest number of tweets per second." Apparently, there is a bit of a cult following for Hayao Miyazaki's animated film "Spirited Away," and that following has a tradition (think about that word for a moment) of tweeting in unison when the film's two main characters come together to cast a spell. 

This year, after the film aired on Japanese TV, Twitter recorded a record 143,199 tweets in a single second, or about 25 times their normal volume. Think Twitter is important for the future of TV?

Twitter enables something that other media, at their best, only occasionally flirt with--shared experience. I'm bullish on that.