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Well, It Isn't For The Money, And It's Only For A While...

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I'll be hitting the road over the next couple of weeks in my last little travel push before I get locked down for election work. For those folks in the New England area, I'll be speaking at the Inbound Marketing Summit this Wednesday, October 6th, on the subject of What You're Missing By Measuring Social Media Online, a topic near and dear to my heart (and one that is no doubt familiar to regular readers here.) This is a brand new presentation for me, and is full of the finest data I can conjure, plus pictures of teddy bears and tweeting birds. The following week I will be at the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) annual meeting in San Diego, where I'll be giving a bit of a survey course on social media monitoring tools and resources for researchers, plus serve on a panel discussing ethical and methodological issues surrounding social media research. CASRO sets the gold standard for these things in my industry, and I'm truly honored to have been asked to speak and be a part of their "Town Hall" meeting on social media issues.

Finally, later next week, I'm presenting a gigantic new talk on the current state - and future - of podcasting, on Friday the 15th at the Blogworld & New Media Expo. If you are at all involved in the creation of content online, Blogworld is really where you want to be, and my presentation will not only provide brand new, unreleased data on podcasting as a digital medium, it will also offer some actionable insights derived from over five years of covering the space as a researcher, analyst and fan of the medium.

So things may be slightly quieter here on the blog over the next couple of weeks (I'm neck-deep in Keynote today), but that's only because I am bringing the thunder to the road. Hope to see you in Foxboro, San Diego and/or Las Vegas, and if you are in any of those places - please come say hi!

As for the cryptic title of this post, if you know it - it's an easy one :) . But I'll email a $10 iTunes Gift Code to the first commenter who gets it right.