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They Just Don't Get It--Or Do They?

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Number of High Net Worth Individuals, 2011 v4I just saw some reporting on a recent study that decried the 'low' percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs who use Twitter and other social platforms. In response, I offer the following questions: A. Why would they use Twitter?

B. Why do you use Twitter?

Compare the answers to A and B.

Are they the same answer? Are they different?

Is Twitter the best tool--or even a good tool--to achieve that "why" if you are a CEO?

Or for you?

The rise in Twitter usage is not inexorable. And it isn't the CEO's job to "get" Twitter, or any other ephemeral tool.

By the way, the headline on this article says that "68% of CEOs have ‘no presence’ on any social media." Yes, this is well below the percentage of Americans who have 'no presence' on social, which is about 40%.

The average American doesn't have their tweets and status updates scrutinized by the SEC, isn't responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs, and doesn't spend more in legal fees than they do on cheeseburgers.

My takeaway from this study? Fortune 500 CEO's aren't average people.

But you knew that.