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The Social Habit and the Future of Content Marketing

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In just two short weeks, I'll be presenting a brand new, previously unreleased study of social media habits and behaviors in America. This new study, entitled "The Social Habit II" is an expanded sequel to a report we released at Edison last year, and will feature all-new projectable, representative data on social media usage, brand-following behavior, the impact of various platforms on purchase decisions and much more. "The Social Habit II" will be presented bright and early on May 25th, at 9:00 AM, to kick off the second full day of Blogworld in New York. I'm indebted to Arik Hanson and Chuck Hemann, the leaders of the Social Media Business track at Blogworld, for letting me kick off the day with a big ole' bucket of numbers and insights - and I really hope to see you there.

A few things I can guarantee you: some statistics that will surprise you (and the chance to preview and think about those statistics before anyone else); the opportunity to ask the principal author of the study questions relevant to your business; and, of course, my usual folksy analogies and down-home wisdom. This will not be just a "data dump" (those of you who attended my presentation at Blogworld in Vegas last year will know this to be true) but a presentation that will contain actionable insights you can put to work that very day to make your social media efforts more effective.

This morning, as I'm reviewing all of the data and getting my head around the major themes, it strikes me that one of the things I'll be talking about for sure is just how critical content marketing - and good content marketing - is really going to be in the coming days. We talk a lot about content marketing (and you should look no further than the fine book by my friends C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley, Content Rules, for the best primer on that score) but often as an assemblage of tactics. What the data I am going to reveal on May 25th are going to strongly suggest is this: it doesn't matter what business you are in - if you are not creating strong content online, and working your tail off to have consumers engage with that content, your business is going to be at a serious, strategic disadvantage to those businesses that are.

And I like you. I don't want that to happen to you. So I hope you'll come. :)