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The Skills Marketers Need To Thrive

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On this week's Marketing Companion, my handsome co-host Mark Schaefer and I began with a discussion of how you "teach" social media? Is it a skill? A talent? Yes? And really, isn't it just one class? Or should it be woven into the fabric of all of your business-related classes? 

So many questions? 

Still, we have lots of answers--our own, at least, and this led us into a very engaging discussion about what marketers need to learn, and whether or not a marketing "education" is necessary. We also touch briefly on MBA programs, our shared experiences teaching at the college level, and an unhealthy obsession with the words "angular," "avuncular" and "obsequious." And that's the highly sesquipedalian Marketing Companion for this week. I hope you enjoy! 

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