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The Phone Problem

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Over the past 10 days or so, I've gotten 5-6 really, really hamfisted sales calls from some of the current darlings of SAAS (sales, social, marketing.) They've been amongst the most awkward and clueless calls I've had in recent memory. I've had no customer relationships with them, but I am in their database for some reason. For three of them, I've spoken at their conferences, which is the only way I've been in their databases. One of them called me because "I was in Raleigh" (where I've never lived.)

My point here, though, is not to excoriate some crappy salespeople. It's to excoriate their crappy sales managers, training, and sales processes. Marketing and social automation have grown by leaps and bounds, but sales "automation" is still problematic.

All of this is to say the following: your technology is amazing. Your vision and roadmaps are formidable. I love what your engineers, your marketers, your strategists are doing.

But you SUCK at the phone. Stay off the phone, or get good at the phone.