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The Marketing Companion Debuts!

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NewImageSome of you may know that my friend Mark Schaefer and I have been kicking around a quasi-secret idea to collaborate on something, and today I am pleased to announce that this is that thing. Mark called me a while back and said, in his inimitable way, "So, this podcast thing." "Yes," I said. And so, The Marketing Companion was born. We thought long and hard about doing a marketing podcast (I understand there are several others), but we knew three things going into this: we knew we had a great rapport and that the podcast would have some humor; we knew we would shoot for a kind of "NPR" feel--a thoughtful look at a topic with some depth; and we knew that Mark and I could take opposite sides of an issue (with conviction!) and still be friends on the other side. Mainly because, in his heart of hearts, Mark knows I am right.

We will be producing The Marketing Companion every two weeks, and our goal is to provide balance, thoughtfulness, humor and above all else, a true companion to your marketing efforts. We've got a great sponsor in Voices Heard Media to help us with production and technical details, and after our first few shows, I can already tell this is going to be something special.

Our debut show talks about Klout's recent moves to insert influential content at the top of Bing's search ratings, their "Experts" initiative, and why influence measures make us so mad!

We hope you like the podcast--we'd love your feedback.

The Marketing Companion Episode 1: Flouting Klout

  • Klout steps into the ring as a content creator
  • Influence at the top of the search rankings
  • Guest appearance by Ringo Starr as a talking apple
  • Is Klout re-defining “expert?”
  • The search for “warmer” search
  • Klout and corruption
  • The emotional hook of Klout
  • Could your Klout score become a global VIP card?
  • Will we be seeing Klout optimization experts?
  • What Klout does well.
  • I reads some spam

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