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The Infinite Dial: New Research On Digital Media

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Last week I was honored to co-present a major new research release from Edison (my company) and our partners at Arbitron, entitled "The Infinite Dial 2011: Navigating Digital Platforms." Much of this release focused on the various platforms for audio - AM/FM radio, online radio (with a healthy dose of Pandora), Podcasting, etc. - however, we also premiered new data on some other relevant platforms, including some big news about social media (especially Facebook) and the continuing prominence of smartphones and mobile media consumption. I thought the presentation went great, and 1,000 people viewed it live (not bad for a bucket full o' numbers.) My co-presenter, Arbitron's Bill Rose, and I were in fine form, and I think anyone in marketing or media will find a nugget or two in here that will be of use. The replay is finally available (thanks to the unparalleled Matt Ridings for conversion assistance), and I think you'll find there are worse ways to kill an hour.