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The Future of Twitter

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Arnold SchwarzeneggerThis week's episode of The Marketing Companion is LOADED with Twitter goodness, as Mark Schaefer and I discuss the coming Twitter IPO and what it means for the company and for its users. 

My take? I'm bullish on Twitter. I'd invest in them. But I wouldn't touch the IPO with a ten-foot pole. Until they actually ARE a public company, with appropriate SEC filings, we simply cannot get enough information about their revenue model and prospects as large institutional investors can. So, I'll sit out that game and wait for them to have to play by the rules that public companies have to abide by.

In practice, this means they will likely be overvalued at the time of the IPO, and then undervalued when they have to submit public financials. And then all will be right with the world.

Besides, you can't time the market.

Also in this week's episode, a special guest appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger! YOU CANNOT MISS THAT.

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