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The Book Of Business Awesome

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I'm really happy for my friend Scott Stratten, who just announced pre-orders for his latest book, The Book of Business Awesome. Besides the fact that Scott is a very engaging author, and the "hook" for this book is very clever (it actually flips over to become a second book, detailing how to be very not awesome) he's done me the honor of asking me to contribute a passage or two about research, science and data. I've read the book--and it's a succinct, clever and most of all perceptive look at some best practices for engaging customers. This is Scott's second book, and I continue to marvel at his ability to tell a story--and it's stories that inspire change. The fact that he asked me to contribute means there is some cod liver oil in the book, but that's Scott's gift--you'll enjoy the book so much that you'll forget it's also good for you, at least until you get to the end and start putting into practice the things Scott talks about.

Anyway, I'm really proud of Scott's work here, and really pleased to be a part of it. He has some super pre-release promos here which, true to the spirit of the book, are actually awesome. And, I have no vested interest in promoting this other than the fact that Scott is a good man and the book is fantastic. Go get yourself one.