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Sorry, Facebook Ladies...

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...I'm taken. But you wouldn't know that by the junky ads I am continually served by Facebook. With a gazillion users, and a gazillion x gazillion pages of available inventory, Facebook is an ad-serving machine. Given the depth of profile information available and leaking around the edges of all the super-poking and quiz-taking we are engaged in, theoretically Facebook should be able to target like a champ. Yet, whenever I go to my facebook page, why do I typically get one or both of the same two types of ads: "Meet Women Over 40" and "Count The Triangles To Guess How Smart You Are." To me, that's just one step above selling me "enhancement products." Either Facebook cannot see that I am listed as married, or somehow all the poking and super-walling I do has profiled me as a "swinger." And I don't need to count the triangles to know how smart I am. I am smart enough not to click those "Singles Over 40" links for fear of getting a frying pan upside the head (as soon as she asks me where I keep them).

How about you? Are you getting served (better ads, that is)? Is Facebook in the remnants business, or has my jet-set lifestyle confused it?