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Relying on Data Produced As "Content" - A Video Interview

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I was delighted to be asked recently to contribute a brief video interview to the excellent Social Media Explorer, run by my friend Jason Falls. SME will be hosting a series of five events all over the country under the "Explore" moniker, and he has definitely raised the level of discourse - both by inviting top talent to speak (Aaron Strout, Tim Hayden, DJ Waldow, Zena Weist, Copyblogger's Brian Clark and many more - all at the top of their game) and by challenging that talent to truly deliver a world-class educational experience. I will also be speaking, and I'll be giving attendees a four-step process to improve their critical thinking about social media data to become better consumers - and creators - of information. Jason asked me to talk about the difference between research driven by science, and research driven by the content creation imperative. I also made Jason pee a little. Worth your 12 minutes, I trust.

Oh, the first Explore event is in Dallas on February 17th. Register here today and save a pile.

Exploring Digital Marketing Data and Research With Tom Webster from Jason Falls on Vimeo.