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New Research on Pinterest Users and Purchase Behavior

Added on by Tom Webster.

We added a lot of questions in our most recent Social Habit research on Pinterest--in particular, who is pinning, what kinds of products they pin, and (most importantly) why. I've written before about the unique demographic skew of Pinterest--they are the only major social platform comprising predominantly females--but the growing size of the platform in general means that amongst some of those demographic groups Pinterest is becoming very popular, indeed. In fact, as of our Fall 2012 Social Habit data, Pinterest is now the third most popular social platform with Females 18-44, behind only Facebook and Twitter. To quote the slogan from my proposed line of budget day care centers, that's a pretty good start. We found some interesting and surprising differences between men and women not only in the types of products they pin, but the reasons why they pin them.

We tested a dozen categories of products that Pinterest users typically pin, and found that while some of them are pinned for aspirational reasons, or for social signaling, others are clearly pinned as a precursor to purchase. And the linkage between seeing a product on someone's pinboard and future purchase behavior is not always trackable or even apparent through clickstream data.

In short, this data was too good not to share more widely. So we've packaged up a brand new report entitled Pinterest Users in America 2012 with over 30 all-new, data-rich charts and insights on this growing service. So this year, my friends, as we enter the holiday season, give the gift that really shows you care. Give the gift of data.

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