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New Opportunities For New Media Content Creators

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Recently, I gave a presentation at the Blogworld New Media Expo in Las Vegas entitled The Current State of Podcasting. Ostensibly, it was a look at the past five years' worth of data Edison had collected on podcast consumers and their behaviors, with a look at how the medium has shifted over that time. However, as my friend Tamsen McMahon noted, I went quite a bit beyond podcasting, and took a look at some opportunities for all new media content creators that have emerged both as a result of consumer behavior shifts and the failure of traditional media outlets to navigate these changes. In short, if you are a content creator of any stripe (not just a podcaster), I think you'll find some nuggets here, though you'll have to commit a full hour to glean them. I freely admit bias, but I think it was one of my better presentations - I hope you find it useful. By the way, the data slides from this talk can be found over on the Edison website, in case you'd like to cite the data for your own purposes.

Here it is, courtesy of the fine folks at Blogworld, who graciously granted their permission for me to share this with you:

The Current State Of Podcasting from Tom Webster on Vimeo.