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My Three Favorite Posts

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Anyone who blogs regularly knows that the posts you fall in love with writing - the ones that meant the most to you - are rarely the most popular. You simply can't predict which posts will resonate, and which ones will be veritable trees falling in the forest. Here at BrandSavant, I've been fortunate to have a number of posts resonate, from my explorations of online influence, to the (as yet) unmeasured power of social media, to the essential processes of marketing. Those were three of your favorite posts here. None of these were my favorite posts, however. As I'm wrapping up my 2010 and planning ahead for 2011, I hope you'll permit this brief indulgence - here are the three posts I was proudest of this year in all their unedited, big sloppy glory:

Information vs. Evidence



What did I miss from you? What were the posts you wrote that were your best-kept secrets? The ones that flew under the radar? Share them here - I've got some time off coming up :)