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My Bold Predictions For 2012

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Here are my predictions for the coming year: [...]

I don't do this sort of thing--never have. The rate of change over the past decade has made the "five-year plan" a punchline, and I've never been in the forecasting game. I'm not denigrating it - some of my friends are really pretty good at it. I rely on their judgment.

My business has always been about the reliable discernment of the present. I find this to be rarer than you might think. Expect more of the same here in 2012, at least until Quetzalcoatl engulfs the world in flames, sometime in September. Well, there's one prediction, anyway.

Happy New Year - and thank you so much for your attention and your valuable contributions and comments here at BrandSavant over the past year. You keep me going.