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Mobility Doesn't Mean Out Of Home

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Burning CouchA fascinating study came out this week from Nielsen on mobile commerce and the "mobile shopper's journey." Nielsen surveyed 3,257 adults who own either a tablet or a smartphone, and had engaged in mobile shopping in the last 30 days, to ascertain how mobile affects their shopping behaviors. The money stat is this: 72% of smartphone shoppers (and 95% of tablet shoppers) who make a purchase with their device do so at home. Obviously, this does not preclude out-of-home shopping behavior, but it does raise an interesting rethink of what "mobility" really means vis a vis digital commerce.

Mobile shopping untethers consumers, but if that untethering is from the desk to the couch, that sparks all kinds of interesting questions:

  • Is actual "out-of-home" purchase behavior mainly limited to low-risk purchases?
  • Are consumers reluctant to pay for purchases outside the sanctity of their wi-fi networks?
  • Is there a stronger link between in-home TV viewing and "mobile" commerce than heretofore surmised?
  • And, if shoppers are more comfortable loosening their mobile pursestrings in the comfort of their own home, might there be a greater opportunity for mobile shopping for high-risk purchases if we stop thinking about mobile buys as "in-the-moment," location-based decisions?

Of course, lots of marketers already know the answers to some of these questions--which is why we are seeing more and more Shazam-encoded TV advertising. But what these and other data point to is this: if you are thinking about your mobile strategy as a purely location-based strategy, you might be doing it wrong.