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Like Soylent Green, The Internet Is Made Of People

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…And I have enjoyed talking to those people on my new podcast, The Friday Five. If you haven't heard the show yet, consider this my first shameless cross-promotional plug to hear the show that critics are calling "…a…show…" Each week, I talk to some of the leading lights in (and outside of) digital marketing, social media, and more about their Music DNA--told through five songs that they can tell great stories about, and one guilty pleasure that is part of their DNA that, perhaps, they regret.

Over the past few weeks, we've had C.C. Chapman, Mark Schaefer, Tim Hayden, Ann Handley, Dave Thomas, Tamsen Webster (my wife!), and Jay Baer on the show, talking about their personal lives, where they came from and what shaped them--all from the point of view of the songs that mattered most to them.

No, we don't discuss marketing, or media, or research. But if you've ever wanted to see another side of some pretty interesting people, I hope you'll check out the show. You can find it at, or subscribe directly to the podcast from the iTunes music store.