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Is Twitter Growing?

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Writing a book has taken a toll on my blogging of late, so when I DO actually write something--even elsewhere--I'm inclined to share it here. In this case, it's an article I wrote for Jay Baer and Convince and Convert on some recent social networking stats we published--and about Twitter, in particular. There have been a number of articles lately about whether or not the service is growing or declining, so I thought I'd share a little data from the users' perspective. You can find the article on Convince and Convert here:

What Fresh Statistics Tell Us About Twitter's Decline

And speaking of my good friend Jay Baer, he was kind enough to donate to our Boston Marathon cause (to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester--you know, that thingy to the right of this post) at a level that earned him a very coveted prize indeed--a custom jingle for his business, direct from Webster Studios in the heart of Downtown Boston. I am a HUGE fan of jingles, especially of the quality of the one I have expertly constructed for him. Remember this path to startup success:

  1. Cool Name
  2. Awesome Jingle
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT.

Jay, here's your long distance dedication.

More AWE INSPIRING and TERRIBLE jingles to come.