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Ignite Durham And The Now Revolution

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Tomorrow night (Wednesday, February 9th), I'll be speaking at Ignite Durham at the beautiful Carolina Theater. If you've never been to an Ignite event, the premise is this - a series of speakers give five-minute presentations, comprising 20 slides that are advanced automatically every 15 seconds. Longtime readers of this blog will appreciate the agony this is causing me, since it often takes me 500 words to clear my throat on this blog :) The credo of the Ignite events (which are happening all over the world this week) is to fire it up, so I will hopefully be more en fuego than normal. What is great about these events is that they are local, and the brevity of the presentations provides the opportunity to hear different views and perspectives from friends and neighbors that might otherwise not have been voiced. It's also a great discipline for frequent speakers like me - nothing hones a presentation like the unrelenting march of those slides, completely out of your control. Lose your train of thought, or "wing it" too far, and you are lost.

My topic is "How To Be A Skeptic (Without Being Skeptical)," and my hope is to rehabilitate an oft-misunderstood term using a cat, a sword, and an obscure Dutch Death Metal band. No animals will be harmed.

Also this week, my good friends Amber Naslund and Jay Baer have released their new book, The Now Revolution. It's a wonderful breakdown of how social media and technology have changed the speed of business, and how you and your organization(s) can capitalize on these shifts. I find myself flush with copies all of a sudden, so I am going to run the most inefficient and self-serving contest ever - the first two people to hit me up at Ignite Durham with some kind of embarrassingly effusive (and likely false) praise about my talk, this blog, or my new boots will get a copy, right on the spot. Must be present to win :)