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How To Think About Online Influence

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I was honored to be asked by my dear friend Matt Ridings to co-present a keynote with him at an event in St. Louis entitled "The State Of Online Influence." In our presentation, I was going to dissect the concept of online influence, and attempt to provide a framework for thinking about measures like Klout, or PeerIndex, while Matt (who is a ninja about these sorts of things) was going to discuss how to use these measures for good, and not for evil. It was going to be an epic event. You'd have laughed, cried and it would have been better than Cats. Sadly, the horrific weather that struck the Eastern United States this past week conspired against me, and the day I was to fly to St. Louis turned out to be an appalling day for commercial aviation. Thus, I didn't make it. Still, I did the work here, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste, so I've recorded it for posterity. If you have thirty minutes, a desire to know more about online influence measures, and an open mind, I think you'll find some intriguing things to think about here.

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