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How To Be The Smartest Person In The Room On Election Night

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This week I head to New York City and Edison's network election exit poll HQ. If you are having an Election Night party, there are a couple of things you might be interested to know. First of all, any Exit Polling data you see on *any* major news network, whether it's on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News or the Associated Press, came from Edison. Anything you see before 5 PM on Tuesday? Didn't come from us, and is a big fake. Fake. So know that. Second, Election Night is a super exciting (and, for us, LONG) night, and there are some arcane things about the election that you might not have known--so we've prepared this handy guide to watching TV on election night, and how to be the smartest person in the room at your election party.

So, may your candidates of choice win on Election night, but remember: when all of this is over, y'all still have to get along. So be kind to each other.

And enjoy our video, lovingly crafted by Steve Lemma and Megan Lazovick from our office, with original script and ideas by Larry Rosin. I was just the dubious voice "talent" on this one.

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