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Eversberg-0052On this week's Marketing Companion, Mark Schaefer and I discuss a topic that seems to have become even more of a hot button issue lately--the "content mill."

When I got started blogging, I had a personal blog, and I wrote random things that inspired me, when I was inspired. That's it. I didn't write to a plan, and I didn't write to a schedule.

This probably set me back, some.

Today, I have a "business" blog--this blog--but my approach isn't all that different. I still don't write to a calendar, and while I do tend to stay on topic here, I don't pay much attention to keywords/SEO/etc. That is probably not the right way to go, I admit. But it is the way that keeps me writing, and that's important, too. I write for me as much as I write for you, and if it becomes a chore to write here, I'll stop.

So Mark and I have a grand discussion about "the content mill," the quality vs. quantity debate and our somewhat differing takes on content marketing. I don't think either of us are "right" in this debate--but that only illustrates what I think my grander point is: there is no "one ring" of content marketing. We had a great time recording this podcast, and if you, too, feel trapped on the hamster treadmill of content, I suspect you'll enjoy listening.

Amongst this week's topics:

  • The dirty little secret of content marketing
  • How quantity works against quality
  • The Hubspot Problem and the content mill
  • Quantity and the discoverability advantage
  • Guest posts — Strategic advantage or content snacks when you need a meal?
  • How is SEO adapting to new content realities and search?
  • The most important content-related metric
  • How content marketing is like a retail price war
  • Why content marketing encourages plagiarism

Finally, my take on the whole "quantity vs. quality" debate is this: quantity works now. But quantity is tactical, and as the amount of content continues to increase logarithmically, only quality is a long-term strategic option. What's your take?

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