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Google Glass: Harbinger of Things to Come? Or Rude, Intrusive Dorkfest?

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Conrad von Soest, 'Brillenapostel' (1403)In this week's Episode of The Marketing Companion, my co-host Mark Schaefer and I debate the pros, cons and future of Google Glass. Surely wearable technology is coming for all of us, but there are some profound implications of Google's initial foray into the field, and Mark and I ultimately end up taking slightly different viewpoints. I'm also thrilled that this episode introduces what I hope will be a recurring segment, "Ask Jamie." Jamie runs the bar at my neighborhood watering hole, Stoddard's Pub in Boston, and he makes a mean vesper (have him burn the orange peel for a special treat.) If you can imagine it happening in a bar, Jamie done seen it. This week, I ask him if he would ban Google Glass from Stoddard's (like this bar in Seattle did), and he gives me a surprising, and perfectly logical answer.

You'll also hear the following (and, unlike Mark, I will NOT post "The Scoble Shower Shot." Must be sweeps week over at Businesses Grow, or something):

  • A lesson in how NOT to become a meme like Robert Scoble
  • Is Google Glass a win for wearable technology or the next Segway?
  • Do the “eyes” have it, or does wearable technology belong some place else?
  • What business problems does Google Glass really solve?
  • A can of worms for privacy, or just another Kodak moment?
  • Does “cool” trump “dork?”
  • The Devil’s bargain with privacy.
  • The porn indicator, and Google’s interesting new investment
  • And, an advertisement for a new topical treatment you'll want to avoid.
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