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Drowning In Data: How To Save Yourself

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Earlier this year, I had the distinct pleasure of keynoting Social Slam, one of the best social media conferences of the year in my book. I talked about one of my favorite subjects: how to think about social media data, and weed through the chaff to get to the wheat. It's hard for me to say it was my best talk, since I had a colossal laptop fail halfway through (the fail I referred to in this post), but it was pretty good, and featured a chart of actual pie, Florence Nightingale, and (of course) Kylie Minogue. Know what you don't know, ask better questions, and do your own work. These three statements are my guiding principles, and this video serves as an introduction to those principles that I'm quite proud of. I hope you find value in it, and I'm very grateful to Mark Schaefer and the Social Slam team for the honor of being given the stage.