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Audio's Bright Future

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On this week's episode of The Marketing Companion, my co-host Mark Schaefer and I do a podcast about podcasting. Yes, in honor of our tenth episode, we decided to look back on what we have learned so far, and also look forward to the future of the medium. 

To me, podcasting--and especially audio podcasting--continues to have a very bright future. While video is such a strong driver for most internet-delivered media, podcasts are kind of a different dog. The number of Americans who consume video podcasts continues to grow, and may someday pass audio podcast consumers, but it hasn't yet--and in the era of YouTube that's no mean feat. Audio podcasts allow for the consumption of certain types of content in settings, situations and environments where that kind of content has heretofore not been consumed, and as a result, overall audio consumption has gone up in recent years.

I'm also bullish on podcasting for another reason--it's a true companion medium in every sense of the word, which also translates to deeper engagement and the delivery of that all-important asset that soon every serious content marketer is going to realize they need to survive: an audience.

Enjoy the show.

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