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Are Conferences Worth It?

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On The Marketing Companion this week, my co-host Mark Schaefer and I dive into the world of conferences--what makes a good one, what to avoid, and why even bother to go? We are posting this today on the eve of one of the larger social media conferences, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (Mark is there; I'm not.)

I've been to some good conferences over the past two years, and I've been to some poor ones. To me, there are one or two things that can make any conference, from the smallest to the largest, a better experience, and I delve into those things with Mark on this week's podcast. We also take a brief look at the SxSW phenomenon (is it worth it?) and whether or not it makes sense to  be a sponsor. 

Give us 30 minutes, and we'll give you the world...of conferences.

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