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A Crappy Research Moment Of Zen

Added on by Tom Webster.

Today's CRMOZ comes from Denver's new conservative talk radio station, "The Truth" (KTNI). The station is currently soliciting listener opinions in the form of what they call the "Truth Poll," situated appropriately to the right of your screen. Today's Truth Poll features this gem:


All they are missing are "E - Below Average," "F - Needs Improvement" and "G - Disappointing" for a perfectly unbiased response. Seriously, if you don't answer "Great!" you basically are left with some flavor of poor, or at best unenthusiastic.

So here's to you, The Truth, for offering up today's CRMOZ. By the way--look at that programming lineup. Not ONE local program. So when the results of the Truth Poll come in, who tells "the truth" on the air?