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A Call To Help New Zealand

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PodcastThis is not my typical post. A very close friend of mine, Ande, is the head of programming for a group of radio stations in New Zealand. The recent earthquake has taken an enormous toll on the people of Christchurch and indeed, an entire country. More bodies have been recovered today as I write this, and hundreds are still unaccounted for.

Needless to say, New Zealand could use a lift.

Here's what you can do - and it won't cost you a cent. Ande and the rest of his team aren't playing commercials right now - no one wants to hear about fast food or shoe sales when so many are homeless, missing and lost. Instead, they'd like to hear you. So I'm collecting your voices - your words of support - to send him, to play on radio stations throughout New Zealand.

All you need to do is record a quick MP3 file that gives your name, where you are from, and a short (5-10 seconds) message of hope, to tell the people of New Zealand that we are thinking of them during this very dark time. Please email those .MP3 files to me at a special email address I've set up at help_nz_audio at (heck, spammers be darned - here it is: I'll make sure he gets them, and that your voices ring out across the Land Of The Long White Cloud.

Don't know how to record an MP3 file? Try using Vocaroo - super simple. Just click record, then "send to a friend," using the email address I gave above. Couldn't be easier.

Words are powerful. Imagine what hearing the voices of hundreds - even thousands - of people on the air, giving words of support, comfort and hope would sound like, right when you needed it the most. I love looking through my web stats here at BrandSavant, and I know that there are people reading this from America, Finland, Russia, the UAE - all over the world. I'd like to share all those voices with my friend, his family, the people of Christchurch and anyone else from his beautiful country who needs to hear them.

Thank you, friends.