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A Brief Indulgence

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Most days, this blog is about questions - and how to use those questions to improve your understanding of your customers and your business. Today, I hope you'll allow me one brief indulgence. On Election Day here in the US, no matter what channel you were watching for election coverage, you saw our work. Every hologram, pie chart and magic map you saw on screen was populated with data from Edison Research and our happy little band of data junkies. As the sole providers of Exit Poll data for the networks, we employed over 2,000 interviewers, conducted over 100,000 interviews, and successfully executed Exit Polls for approximately 90 closely-scrutinized races for Senate, Governor and House - all in one day. We combined this data with statistical models for each precinct and actual vote tallies in our system, and we worked closely with the members of the National Election Pool (NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, CNN and the AP) to provide real-time, actionable data for them throughout the day, night and well into the next morning. Our clients did not miss one single call.

The purpose of the Exit Polls is not to "call races," though they are part of the calculation when the margins are significant. So, for instance, the fact that Marco Rubio and Chris Coons could celebrate their victories in prime time was certainly informed by our work. More importantly, the Exit Polls are America's lasting record of who voted, and why. There is no other source for this information, and we take that charge very seriously.

We toil behind the scenes on Election Day - you shouldn't hear our name, really - but the exit polls are an enormously complex and stressful high-wire act that my colleagues continue to execute with the kind of focus, brilliance and wisdom that leaves me in awe of them each and every day. I could not be any prouder of Team Edison.

Thanks for the brief indulgence. If you are a regular reader of BrandSavant, then I hope it's at least partially because we've developed a relationship here in this space, so I hope you'll forgive a little celebrating here on behalf of my coworkers. To paraphrase the Old Spice guy, now back to you.