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A Brief Comment on Twitter Innumeracy

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Yesterday I wrote about the latest Sysomos data on Twitter behavior, and how I wouldn't be so quick to draw conclusions about engagement or the value of Twitter based upon these data. One last comment on this topic: Yesterday, the headline that most blogs and sites went with was this one (I've picked on Alltop, here, but you can find others): "71% of tweets produce no reaction." As a researcher, if I were writing this headline, I would have written it thusly: "Nearly 3 in 10 Tweets Provoke A Reaction."

I follow about 3,000 people on Twitter. If we assume that this lot posts five tweets per week (a conservative figure), that's 15,000 tweets I could see in a given week, were I to never peel my eyes away from Tweetdeck. The Sysomos data suggests that of those 15,000 tweets, 4,350 were replied to or at least retweeted. See, I think that's actually a big number.